Dr. JoDee Davis

Professor of Trombone, UMKC Conservatory

"The KCTW is a vibrant summer program in which Kansas City area musicians from middle school through college levels meet to play, collaborate, and experience the joys of trombone playing. Led by Grant Morgan, Dave Cooper, and Ben Roman, three of the region's most respected trombone teachers and performers, the workshop is an exciting way for young players to grow and interact in a healthy, challenging, and fun environment. Check it out!"

Penny Snead

(Former) Director of Bands, Shawnee Mission Northwest

"Over the years I have had multiple students participate in the KC Trombone Workshop. The have always discussed it with great enthusiasm, describing the wonder of playing great literature with a room full of trombones. It has been fun, eye-opening, and a terrific pedagogical experience."

Steve Adams

Director of Bands, Shawnee Mission South

"I played with the KCTW last summer and I plan to do it again this year. The workshop provided fun times, good music, solid conducting and instruction, and a way to meet other fans of that piece of plumbing we lovingly call the trombone. I highly recommend the group for accomplished younger players and us older folks that are looking for a opportunity to play some really nice serious music...not too seriously."